DIY Kitchen Decor / Coffee Station

I’m going to show you how i decorate my coffee station this is the area in my kitchen that I’m working with I just cleaned everything out just to start fresh I got these letters from the dollar tree and these flags from la Mer so I’m just going to create my own banner that says coffee audience it was just think the letters onto the flag super simple and I just taped it here on my backsplash so if you have a backsplash this is a really

easy DIY that you can do i picked this up recently from tjmaxx for 1499 this is a really good idea if you want to add height and add almost like a shelf if you don’t have one these are from the target daughters spa and picked up three of them and they fit perfectly inside this little crazy I thought it was perfect so i think i’m going to add them on the top this is how it looks so far I wanted to give you another option so this would be an option if you just wanted to do pretty much all white or gold and why I just back to mugs the little thing in the middle is also from target solder spot some napkins that I already had and also some straws already had and i just think this is a really cute option if you just want to do something simple and something called an ye

so I wanted to do something a little different i wanted to make it very rustic and almost farmhouse liked so I got these stickers from warmer and i already had the white stickers and i’m just going to add them on here because if you see that rustic look farmhouse that they always add like numbers on the container so I thought this was really cute and such a simple DIY i’m going to add them to the top and I kind of blocks my coffee sign but when you’re in the kitchen you can actually see it really well so I think this looks really pretty and it matches perfectly and it fits perfectly on this little creative picked up at TJ maxx and I just think they look super cute and very rustic farmhouse nights so that’s the theme that I’m going with right now and that’s what i want to show you guys I also wanted to give you guys an idea in case you didn’t pick these up this year at the targets water spot something that you can do with them you can put tea coffee sugar anything like that in them and it’s a really cute idea so moving on to the bottom i have this chalkboard that i picked up also at the target other spot recently this is all the valentines day before that they had out recently so I just done so then Christie’s coffee cold i thought it looks super cute and the whole rustic look and this little picture is also from the target daughter spot but last year and the charger from this year target daughter spot so this is one option I can go on and honestly you guys so many options but this is an option that. recomended for you = > Antique white kitchen cabinets

I wanted to show you I wasn’t sure so what I do is I play around with the core a lot and so I can figure out what I actually want so this was really cute but i wanted to do something a little bit more so what I did was I took out the picture and then I just add two mugs these are from anthropology but if you don’t have mugs like these it’s a super super easy DIY to create your own so I’m going to show you how you can create your own mods for super affordable you can pick up to clear mugs or white marks from the dollar tree a dollar each and then these stickers are from the daughter Jean all you have to do is add your initials on there so i just added two initials on here super cute matches the whole black and white theme i have my john malone candle because i’m a little extra i just wanted to be a little bit fancy and not too risky and then i also have these napkins that i picked up last year from Ross so I think everything just came together really really well and like I said this is a really easy and affordable DIY but it looks hi and it looks like one of those pinterest instagram pictures i think personally that came out really pretty and it’s such a simple DIY literally always it was you stickers anything you cannot really cute i also got these two stands from the targets other spot recent me and

ABC Kitchen Opentable . I wanted to just bring them in so you can add them on either side i just wanted to give you guys an idea and then you can put some greenery on there or you can also put your straws on there on a candle anything like that or you can put your coffee jars on there so these are from target and I just figured to bring the man and put my coffee on here just so that it’s more functional for me and I think it looks very elegant very keen and this actually gives me way more space than just using a tree so if you want to add more space in your kitchen or anything like that this is a really good option this is a really good idea and it’s really


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